Jewish Holiday Offerings

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The Jewish Holidays are approaching! We’re offering some special baked goods and meals for the Jewish New Year that begins next Wednesday. We’ll also be featuring the soup and holiday meal on our specials menu at the shop next week. Please call, message or email us to place an order!

Holiday Baked Goods

Round Holiday Challah* (Plain or Raisin)
1½ Pound ● $12
Honey Loaf Cake* (Contains Almonds)
Large ● $18 (Serves 6-8)
Mini ● $21 (½ Dozen)
*Pareve (Non-Dairy)

Pick-Up Dinner Menu

Chicken Matzo Ball Soup
1 Quart ● $11.49
~ ~ ~
Brisket with Caramelized Onions
Sweet Potato Kugel
Apple & Carrot Slaw, Honey Mustard
Complete Meal Per Person ● $9.99

Call Us for your customized
Break-The-Fast Menu!


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